Twilight Crossroads is an internet-based Spiritual Supply business owned by Priestess Lilith.

Twilight Crossroads specializes in several different types of services, such as Spirit Shrine Services, Gris-Gris of many varieties as well as customized items, offering top quality spiritual oils, baths, incense, powders and Voodoo Spirit items.

Twilight Crossroads is located in Central Ohio. At this time we do not take personal appointments nor do we have a "store" location. However, Priestess Lilith is available by email to take questions, do consults and offer personalized direction.

Priestess Lilith specializes in aiding people to help get their lives going smoother. This would include Uncrossing work, gris-gris bags, Spirit Shrine work, charged and empowered oils, and many other offerings throughout the website. If you can't find something, just ask!

Please check the website if you haven't been here in awhile.   See our shipping info and our terms of service.


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99% of the supplies on Twilight Crossroads are made by Priestess Lilith while some items such as the Voodoo Spirit items are made by an authentic Houngan Priest. Check out our the spiritual oils page for updates coming soon!

Please be advised that certain countries may not allow herbs through customs.

Watch this site for more new products and updates!

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